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Do I have to be a good swimmer to scuba dive?

Some swimming ability is required. You need to have basic swim skills and be able to comfortably maintain yourself in the water. Your PADI Instructor will assess this by having you:



Watermanship Skills Assessment

All student divers must be able to swim comfortably in deep water without assistance. Prior to the PADI scuba diving course participants must be evaluated with the following skills:

Medical Statement for Open Water Students

Scuba Diving participants must be in reasonable health to attend the course. All student divers must fill up the medical statement prior to in-water activity. Any questions answered ‘YES‘ on the medical statement require doctor’s clearance prior to the course. All questions answered ‘NO‘ do not require this clearance.

Please download the Divers Medical Questionnaire here: https://www.padi.com/sites/default/files/documents/2020-08/10346E_Diver_Medical_Form.pdf

Open Water Training

Your diving skills will be developed in 5 lessons at the swimming pool or the shallow part of reef .

After skill development you will conduct 4 Open Water Dives in the open sea to depth ranging up to 18m / 60f on the last dives.

Typical Day of Training

Please remember that divers are unable to fly for minimum 18 hours from their last dive (two or more dives). 12 hours for 1 dive.


The price of the PADI Open Water Diver Course is PHP 19900*php